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01 7.3 Intermittant power loss

Created On Thursday September 25, 2008 08:34 Diesel Talk
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Have a customers 01 Exursion. We installed all new injectors, valve cover gaskets, and injector wiring harness in July. Now he has an intermittant power loss. If he shuts vehicle off and restarts, some times will fix itself. Has a code for circuit low on #1 inj and #8 Failed contribution test. Pulled both injectors and had tested, both passed.
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I would put those 2 injectors in different cylinders just to make sure the problem does not follow the injectors.

Carefully check the wire harness and plugs from the injectors to the IDM for cylinders 2 and 8 for damage loose connections, being chaffed or grounded harness wire.

You should OHM out these wires for 1 and 8 from end to end to check that the circuit is good. I don't know the spec but you can disconnect another cyl or Two that is not setting a code to use as a OHM reference. Power and ground connections should be check also.

Circuit low Means just what it says. The computer is saying that the voltage for injector 1 and 8 is lower that what it needs to be or the voltage is not there at all.

These engines have always had connection problems at the valve cover gasket wiring and plug connections. The Injector Drive Module does sometimes go bad but that usually sets code for low circuit on all injector circuits.
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