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1990 gmc 6.2 diesel non turbo running rough and blue smoke please help

Created On Tuesday April 27, 2010 20:06 Diesel Talk
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Hi there, I was reading some reviews about 6.2 diesel and I was wondering if you could help me with a problem. I have a 1990 GMC SIERRA 6.2 diesel non-turbo that has 140,000 miles. What I first noticed was, when going over the pass at high speed when it kicked down to accelerate it hesitated at high RPMs like it was loading up and didn't have all its power until it shifted back up. Also, when towing a car trailer it loads up at any high RPM before shifting into another gear and now it's blowing a lot of blue smoke at idle. Sometimes when letting it warm up in the morning, she will just completley die after idling for a few minutes. I've never had any problems starting it; but the other day at a stop light it felt like it kind of idled up and jerked the truck then it died and I had to re-start it. After that I had a little trouble starting it but no problems thereafter. I'm noticing the gas pedal feels more touchy and jerky and i'm still getting a lot of blue smoke at idle. After I changed the fuel filter the other day (that was fairly new) it felt like it ran better for a day or two. I always change the oil every 3000 miles delco 1540 and run a fuel additive every two to three tanks of fuel. I just did a new filter and fluid in the transmission as well. I was told by an old GM mechanic that the only thing the 6.2 had problems with was the fuel injection pump. Do you think this is my problem?


1990 gmc 6.2 diesel
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