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2005 6.0Liter won't start

Created On Thursday March 19, 2009 10:16 Diesel Talk
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Diesel Talk Forum
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disgusted We got this 2005 ford dually with a 6.0liter in it,second engine in it allready,ford replaced first one,now after a year its acting up again.
borrow a friends scanner it give us bunch of error code's.
#264 inject circuit low cyl 2
# 273inject circuit low cyl 5
#276inject circuit low cyl 6
#279inject circuit low cyl 7
#282inject circuit low cyl 8
$267inject circuit low cyl 3
#270inject circuit low cyl 4
#266 Cyl 2 contribulation or balance malfunction
#336 Crankshaft Position Sens circuit
#460 Fuel level sens circuit malfunction
#611 Fuel inj control module performance

Anybody out there to tell me what the main proplem is and tell me the best a cheapest way to go about this proplem,first time on this site looks good,Thanks
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You need a fuel injection control module. Make sure the FICM relay is working, and you have power to the FICM. if so the module is no good. If that's the case, check for chafed injector wiring. Clear the codes and run it, watch for any other injector related codes to come back. It throws the code for 8 injectors when the inverter inside the FICM burns up. As far as cheap fixes, for some reason, this works sometimes: The stock FICM relay has a resistor in the control coil. Replace this relay with one that has a diode instead, sometimes this works, no idea why. Good luck
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