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2015 Cascadia Cruise Control won't work, Help!!

Created On Wednesday February 05, 2020 22:16 Diesel Talk
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Note Wednesday February 05, 2020 22:16 View thread in raw text format
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Hello, I'm an old school Mechanic, and driver, but being older, I sent out to a shop to have my Clutch replaced, job done, happy with work, except now my cruise doesn't work, and the Jake's are intermittent, light comes on for cruise, but wont set, Freightliner says transmission needs to be Flashed, I told them it's a straight 10spd,he said doesn't matter, anyone ever heard of this??? Sounds Expensive??? Any ideas?? My last truck was a 1995 freightliner, never heard of such a thing!!! Help. Thx John.

John. Post
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