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3116 won't start

Created On Sunday May 05, 2013 19:21 Diesel Talk
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I have a little problem with my 91 CAT 3116. It started getting sluggish like it usually does when the fuel filter needs changing. So I went out and bought the filter and instqlled it like usual. Now it doesn't want to start. There is no fuel being pulled up by the fuel pump. I tried puting air in the tank and got it up to the inlet side of the pump but no go. It just wont start on its own. And taking it to the dealer is out of the question. I'd have to hawk my first born to pay for that one. I will surely appreciate any help you can give me. thanks
Joe Dominguez
San Diego, CA

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First make sure the solenoid activating. The biggest problems with these are the fuel lines and the check valves. There are several check valves which could cause the problem. The pumps rarely go bad.

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