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Created On Sunday September 22, 2013 17:00 Diesel Talk
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Diesel Talk Forum
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Diesel Talk
1998 mechanical engine, scroll fuel system. Loss of power, then RPM would only go to 1100. Finally, it quit and will not start, no smoke. Presuming rack is sticking or stuck. Any other suggestions? Also, when running at 1100 and when I turned the key off, then back on, it would jump to 2000 rpm, then right back to 1100 within 2 seconds. Tough to find anyone in western NY who is willing to work on this pump. Am tempted to pull the gov cover off, but I lack experience in pump repair. I am going out tomorrow AM to pull side cover off at timing hole to try to spray lube in on the rack to see if that will free it up. Also going to pull shut down solenoid off to see if it will run. 12V at sol, but no clicking heard.

gregory l ralyea
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