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3406E overhaul?

Created On Tuesday March 27, 2012 16:18 Diesel Talk
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I have a 98 pete 3406E 475. Gettng ready to schedule a inframe. 1. What is the bear minimiun that can be done? (not sure how long I am going to keep truck) 2. How much can this cost if I go all out? 3. How long will it take one mechanic to do this working eight hour days. Thanks again for all the help!
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bare minimum is do absolutely nothing at all and sell it as it is. If you want a basic overhaul, cat usually provides cylinder head, gasket kit, new oil and filter, all piston packs, rod and main bearings. usually about 40 hrs to do an inframe. Depending on how many miles are on it and previous work done, you can always add all new injectors, water pump, oil pump, oil cooler, turbo, air compressor, all hoses, belts, filters, coolant. I mean you can look at anywhere between 10 to 18 grand, just depending on what all you want. If you go all out, then why would you sell it? you probably wouldnt get your money back that you put into it. getting it done at cat dealer, you always have the warranty on it as well.

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