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360T in boat, smoking when cold

Created On Tuesday July 24, 2007 17:46 Diesel Talk
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My recently acquired boat has twin 360 turbo Fords. The previous owner spent huge gold having them completely reconditioned about 100 hours ago, new pistons, liners, bearings, valves, guides, injector pumps and injectors overhauled, u.e., nothing left undone. disappointing then that they are slow to start (unless you use the "cold start" button) and blow clouds of white smoke that permeates the whole boat and is quite emarrassing in the marina (and stinks!) until warmed up or under load. Had compression tested at 350 psi after 6 cranks (200 at first crank); engineer says should be 375 - 425 psi and possibly wrong pistons were put in at recondition. Reconditioners and another engineer say 350 is fine, also that it is extremely unlikely wrong pistons were put in. There is no blow-by and the engines seem to be working fine, pushing my old girl up to 15 knots which is about 50% over displacement speed for this heavy wooden hull. I hear that these engines do smoke a bit on start up due to the lower compression, but I think that mine are excessive. Can anyone tell me what the compression pressure should be? Also, timing was found to be 19-20 degrees. we corrected it to 23 degrees but didn't seem to make any difference. I've still to try other advice like take her out for several hours at full speed and near full speed to "bed the engines down". I guess that's next.
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