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4L 1011 black smoke no start

Created On Sunday August 02, 2009 16:00 Diesel Talk
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I am working on a Genie lift S60 with a Deutz 4L1011 power plant. The motor was running fine while I was operating the lift when it sounded like it had just run out of fuel.
Still had 30 gallons in the tank. Found the fuel line from the tank to be checked and thought maybe it had sucked some air into the fuel system. We replaced the line, filled the fuel filter, and bleed out the injectors. We are getting plenty of smoke, fuel shut-offs are energized and on. Checked the mechanical supply pump and that is working. Timing belt looks good. Fuel appears to be clean and water free, will change the filter, nobody had one on the weekend.
I have many years working on transport refridgeration and large trucks. The lift is in a bad spot and any help would be great.

Found several teeth missing from timing belt, thanks for the help

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