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6.2 Timing Marks

Created On Friday October 18, 2002 02:14 Diesel Talk
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I have an 83 6.2 in a chevy pickup. The engine is a new goodwrench crate. It starts up and runs fine, it just is running very retarded, and when the engine's cold advance turns off, it puts out a lot of white smoke from all the unburrned fuel, from being so retarded. The engine runs clean and smoke free up to this point. The timming marks shows the pump is retarded (its line is to the left of the line on the cover) The main problem I am having with fixing this is that normally you would just loosen the three retaining nuts and rotate the pump to a correct timming, but it is rotated as far as the `grooves' on it will allow, and it will not even get far enough to have the lines line-up!

I know I can change the timing with the gears, but I am wondering why the lines will not physically line up - It is like the groves on the pump that the studs on the cover go through are made in the wrong spot - I can not rotate it on the advanced side at all - just retarded to really retarded - and I am not just talking about the engine timing, but the reference to the mark on the cover. If I was on the advanced side (or even lined up!) and it still ran retarded, then I would assume that the timming gears were not in sync and out of timming. I have not checked the gears yet.

Even if the gears are off, why do the marks not able to line up. It should rotate retarded to advanced, with the marks lined up in the middle of the arc. I can get the pump's mark about a cm from the mark on the cover, on the retarded side.

If anyone knows why this is so, please help!!!
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This is just a guess but maybe it will send you in the right direction.You said this is a new "goodwrench" engine.If you have the reciepts and there is still a warrantee on it then I would suggest taking it back to the point of purchase even if you didnt have them install it.If you pull down the front to check the gears you will probably void the warrantee.If there is no warrantee and you must do this youreself,then I would take a trip to the local junkyard for a little research before I dig too deep.If this engine is a goodwrench rebuild/reman,they may have mixed up cores.Stranger things have happened.This engine went thru a few design changes over the years that it was in production.While I dont specifically know if the front cover and gears where changed,that is what it sounds like.If I were to guess I would say it is possible that youre goodwrench is a post 1986 next generation 6.2,and that when it was installed in youre vehicle the injection pump from youre first generation 1983 engine was reused.You could be experiancing an incompatability issue.It sounds like the marks arent where you expect to see them after working on youre old engine because this isnt youre old engine.GM may have changed the internal pump timing for emmisions reasons and this may be why you cant make things work.Do some serious research.If the internal gears are the same in all years,then you might just need a 1983 front cover with the proper marks to get the timing right.If the gears changed over the years then you will have to find the block numbers to determin what year the core engine is.You may need to find the proper year pump to fit this engine.Goodwrench is usually pretty good and if you told them that the engine was going into a 1983,they should have given you the right generation,but everyone makes mistakes.This is why I suggest taking it to the dealer if there is still warrantee because it may be GM's mistake.Either way,dont go digging into the front of the engine until you know what you are digging for.If you dont own a comprehensive manual(one specifically for the engine,not a general one for the truck),then buy one NOW.Do youre homework and you should be able to solve most of the problem before you ever touch a wrench.Hope this helps.If you go to a dealer,print this and have the service manager read it.He may laugh at you or he might know just what I'm suggesting because he may have seen it before.
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