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6.5 runs like a scalded cat

Created On Wednesday September 28, 2005 22:36 Diesel Talk
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I couldn't help but post some good news regarding a 6.5TD after reading all the bad press on this engine. Granted, there are a lot of loose ends that GM should have addressed in regards to how the 6.5 is installed in the trucks.

Mine has 180k on it, and the guy I bought it from is a good friend who used it to tow a 9500 pound 5th wheel. He had the typical fuel injection issues, but adressed the fuel solenoid driver problem by relocating it on a heatsink, and addressed all the various codes the thing was spitting out by installing a BD power chip. The vacuum operated wastegate controller was also thrown in the trash in favor of a tried and true mechanical unit. The factory "gas-engine" 2-1/4" exhaust is still on there (minus the muffler and cat), but is next to go (in favor of a 4" setup). I also installed a K&N in the air-box and "ventilated" it with a 2" holesaw. There was only one other owner prior to my friend owning it, and the old guy that owned it was sick and tired of having the thing quit, then taking it to the dealer and spending $1600 for a new injection pump and solenoid driver.

Fortunately, my friend knows a diesel guy who knows about Ford, GM, and Cummins. He is the one who told him about the fuel driver overheating and causing hard starts, stalling, etc. He also said that the FSD overheating problem is COMMONLY misdiagnosed by the dealers as a pump failure, -because most of those guys only know how to read codes on a computer, and really haven't the slightest clue what the problem really is.

The 6.5TD in my '94 K2500 runs strong and best of all, it runs flawlessly. I am running the turbo up to 15 psi, and I must say, this thing has the pull of a big block chevy, yet delivers almost 20 mpg on the highway at 60 mph with 4.11 gears.

I can't wait to install the 4" exhaust, most guys that have done it say it's darn near like bolting half of another motor in the truck, and they gain on average 1-1/2 mpg.

For those of you 6.5 guys interested on how to make these things work, and stay working, pay a visit to ssdieselsupply.com

The guy that owns the place is named Walt. He's a super nice guy who's always eager to help. He knows all the ins and outs of the 6.5, -and the 6.5 is the only engine he specializes in. He's got chips, exhaust, intake setups, etc.

I'm very pleased with mine, -and she's a keeper. Any fullsize truck that can burn the tires, pull a 9500 pound trailer respectably up a hill, -yet hit the highway and get almost 20 mpg, -who could ask for anything more?

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