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6v53T shutdown/no oil pressure

Created On Friday July 03, 2020 00:00 Diesel Talk
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I have a 750cfm compressor with a 6v53T. It ran great, but had low oil pressure, about 10 psi, even at full throttle. Then one day it died unexpectedly. I restarted it, but it only ran for about half a minute and died again. It seems to start normally, but never runs very long. I noticed that the oil pressure went to nothing, so I checked the sending unit and other things. I bypassed all the safety switches and bungee'd the throttle wide open, but that didn't change anything. Eventually, I dropped the pan and found some dime-sized copper/brass colored bearing material in the bottom, so I assumed it might be a thrust washer or something like that. I kinda left it alone since and haven't started it or messed with it for awhile.

Another irritating clue that might be related is that this motor shreds the double fan belts after a few short hours. Kevlar belts last perhaps a day or two, but they all loosen up quickly and shred completely in short time. The crank pulley and fan pulley look good and are perfectly aligned. I've tried different widths and styles with no success. The tensioner bolt doesn't loosen up or anything, and the fan pulley bearing has no slop and runs true. It's maddening to have to remove the fan cage and the fan each time to change belts. I've tried moving the crank pulley in and out, thinking that it might have bad thrust bearings or something, but it doesn't budge. I could use a strobe light on it in the dark, but it doesn't run long enough to check anything now.

Is there anything else I can try, or does this motor just need a rebuild, or better yet, a replacement with a 4 stroke? I don't have a lot of room, but I think a 6v71T or 6v92T would work good, since the single exhaust, the flywheel, and the fan mounting would mate up the best. Another irritating issue is that this thing uses 10 gallons of diesel every hour, about the same as my 12v71N compressor.
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