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7.3L International Diesel Transmission Conversion

Created On Saturday January 06, 2007 21:54 Diesel Talk
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I have put a 1988 7.3L International diesel in my 5 Ton truck with the stock 5 speed. Although the engine runs really well I have no power in any gear above 3rd. I would like to mate a Fuller RT 610 (10 Speed) Transmission to this engine. I am having difficulties with the conversion and would like some help. The first of the problems is that the existing pilot bearing has an ID of 1" and the input shaft of the Fuller requires 1.25" pilot bearing. Can the pilot bearing be replaced? Can the crank be drilled to make the correct pilot bearing fit? Second is that the clutch that is in the truck now is a pusher and the clutch needs to be converted to a puller style. I have seen this engine and transmission mated and operational in another truck but didn't get to look at it closely so I am sure that it can be done. I would appreciate any advice, articles, weblinks, or books that may help me with this conversion.

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