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7.3 Start and run issues

Created On Sunday December 17, 2006 11:55 Diesel Talk
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I have a '01 7.3 that periodically starts and runs very rough. There is no smoke as would be associated with low compression or glow plug issues. The engine sounds like it is out of time and has a severe diesel knock. This can last for up to 10 minutes if left idling and can last for a few minutes while driving slowly. Shut it off, re-start and it continues. This is a cold condition only or if the engine has not been started for a few days. It does not do it everytime. It happens every 10th time or so. It also will, occassionallly stumble when you stab the accelerator hard, again, mostly when it is cold. I am thinking it is goning to be a sensor issue but have no trouble codes appearing.
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