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85 6.9 Cuts out at 1800 rpm

Created On Thursday April 29, 2010 21:54 Diesel Talk
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Hey all,

I have an 85 F250 6.9L. Just bought this baby cuz I've always wanted a diesel but haven't been able to afford one. So it purrs like a kitten in lower rpms. Out on the highway at 1800-2500 it starts missing, blowing white/blue smoke and losing power. Also, the front tank only seems to want to hold 11 gal and the rear only seems to wanna take 5. This week I will be dropping the tanks and cleaning them out. In the process I will be replacing the fuel and air filters. If anyone has any further suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Have Ford will travel.
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Venting the filler necks always seemed to be a big deal on these if my memory serves me. That is a pain in the keister. Make sure someone hasn't switched out the filler neck tubes with different vehicle tubes. Engine timing might be the cause for the smoke and losing power, if the pump has many miles on it, it may have a nylon drive ring for the governor weight retainer coming apart which causes 2 problems. first the governor becomes unstable from the loose drive connection, second the nylon gets stuck in the return fitting in the top cover of the pump. When plugged, housing pressure is too high, and the gov weights cannot work properly. Remove this fitting, hold it up to the light and try to see through it- it should look like you are trying to look through a glass ball, mainly because you are trying to look through a glass ball. If that's what it looks like, it is clear and ok, and the pump drive ring is probably ok too. Inside this fitting is a glass ball with a spring, this controls housing pressure for timing advance. If this is gone and you can look straight thru it, somebody beat you to it, and it needs a pump OH. If you can't see a flippin thing thru it, it is plugged with junk from the governor drive ring blocking it. Clamp the fitting in a vise, drive something thru it to clear the passage, put it back in to see if it runs any different. It should, and you will need a new fitting, and eventually a pump OH. These trucks were also known for suction/air leaks, usually at the firewall mounted water separator. My advice, run new lines from lift pump to tanks, elminating the water sep. And be very careful of fuel quality from this point on. Or add an aftermarket fuel/water sep, put it inline, and don't forget to drain it monthly.

gregory l ralyea
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