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8.2 Crank Case Pressure

Created On Friday April 17, 2015 11:07 Diesel Talk
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I have a Detroit 8.2 (1985) in a C-6000 GMC. Purchased last fall changed all the fluids and drove 600 miles without incident. On the way home checked the oil and noticed that oil was coming out of the dipstick tube, engine running, yes I know you should check with the engine off after it has time to settle, but the starter was bad and I did not want to shut down for fear of not getting started. The engine starts right away even in the coldest weather (0 F and it starts with no problem)
I am concerned that the engine is not venting back pressure. I also noticed that the oil fill caps on both valve covers are diesel fuel caps ( don't think they are vented)
As I wait for the service manuals on this engine I am wondering what the vent system is for this engine.

Lots of white smoke, never had a diesel smoke like this.

Any input may be helpful???sad
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Two breathers , one in the rocker cover and one in the govenor housing Regards David

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