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93 diesel ford won't crank

Created On Saturday January 10, 2004 17:42 Diesel Talk
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Note Saturday January 10, 2004 17:42 View thread in raw text format
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i have a 93 f2504x4 diesel seems to over slow when cold and takes while to start.dad had idea to jump it off other car didn't like the idea since battery wasn't dead so we did it then i tried to start truck click click so he wiggle the cables on truck and nothin so he went in i took cables off noticed positve loose so i turned till tight cranked over 10-15 sec batt sound like gettin week so i came in house then went back out click so checked all connections replaced starter solenoid and now giving full charge on 2 batts hopefuly starts does it lot of juice to get it started?batts are 1yr old from napa professional series.iwas thinkin glow plug relay and glow plugs might need replaced let me know what u think thanks
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