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99 7.3 oil leak

Created On Sunday April 22, 2007 04:51 Diesel Talk
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I have a 99 F350SD with 7.3 diesel, and have had a small oil leak for the past few months. It has gotten worse but I cannot find source. I have looked through posts and believe it to be high pressure oil pump. Where on top of engine is pump located? My son noticed oil at flywheel cover and between oil pan and starter,closest to bell housing. Also have a little seapage from driver side vavle cover but it is minimal.I contacted local Ford dealer to inquire on cost to replace rear main, pan gasket and valve cover gasket, 2600.00 labor plus parts. I cant afford anything close to that. I have been a diesel mechanic for over 20 years,yet I have major health issues. I am going to try and navigate my 19year old son to find and inspect pump so if you could please include some landmarks to help us find pump and what specifically could be cause of leak. I thank you in advance for any and and all help you can provide.
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Clean off the top of the engine with simple green spray [or equivilant], let it soak for a few minutes. 1 beer helps. spray off with the garden hose very well. If necessary redo the green thing. Now when the wife is not looking go for the baby powder and blow it on the DRY engine. everywhere. remember to replace the powder w/o any finger prints. Of course you noticed I said dry. start the engine and watch for any oil leakeage. maybe a slow drive around the block. The powder trick works very well. Pump is above the LS head in the center of the engine area. I just removed the plastic cover from the top of the engine. I felt it was just a looker thing and wanted to keep the engine a little cooler during the summer months. Axcess to the engine was better w/o the cover. If further help is needed check out this site: thedieselstop.com. Registration is free. the question area is on the left side under 'forums'.

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