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A question about diesel engine tech.

Created On Wednesday November 26, 2008 22:20 Diesel Talk
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Just wondering if anyone could answer these questions in a readers digest version? I was having a discussion with my boss this morning and I believe he was talking out of his ass. The discussion was around shutdown wait times for loaders/forklifts (Cat/John Deere/etc) that were being driven fairly hard and whether it is better to leave the equipment running or turn it off if you are taking a ten minute coffee break.

My boss figures that you can shutdown any loader/forklift after about 1 minute even after being driven hard (which all of our equipment does regularly get). I brought up the fact that even the manufacturers have told me in the past the if we are taking a ten minute coffee break that it is better to leave the equipment running. He was very addiment that this was not necessary. I also brought up the fact that my owners manual for my dodge pickup recommends a minimum five minute idle down period for extreme driving conditions (uphill@max GVWR or GCWR). His statement was that this was irrelevant because my truck and the loaders/forklifts are totally different technologies. (This is the one that's got me) When I asked him what the significant differences were, he could not give me an answer and tried to skirt around his statement.

So, my questions are

1) What would be the recommended idle down period for a loader/forklift (any make say 950 or larger)?
2) Is is better to leave the equipment idle if not in use for short periods of time?
3) What are the significant fundimental differences between a turbo diesel engine in a piece of heavy duty equipment (loader/forklift) vs a turbo diesel engine in your average 3/4 or 1 ton pick up? (Other than size or displacement)

Thanks Cheers!

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