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Attention to maintenance of Cummins Diesel Engine

Created On Wednesday May 11, 2011 20:30 Diesel Talk
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Analysis of Cummins diesel engine crankshaft oil seal leakage
crankshaft oil seal leakage is the integrated performance of multiple failures of Cummins diesel engine, rather than simply seal failures. There are probably only about half of failures caused by oil seal fault, the other reasons as followings:
(1) improper installation of oil seal: Cummins diesel engine crankshaft oil seal adopt dry-type seal,that’s to say, it must be clean and dry where location of installation and oil seal, never use oil to lubricate it which will cause oil seal fault earlier. In addition, the crankshaft front oil seal adopted self-closed type bolt installation, if the tightening torque is not proper, it may also result in leakage of bolt hole.
(2) the neck of crankshaft is too rough: if using rough stone or emery cloth to grind the neck of crankshaft during overhaul, it will cause the surface area too roughly so that the oil seal lip is scratched during installation or running.
(3) shock-absorber failure or bad seal between Cummins diesel engine and generator. The shock-absorber of Cummins diesel engine failure will increase vibration of Cummins diesel engine. the oil seal will be extruded to deformation and damage Because there is clearance between the crankshaft in both axial and radial, which will lead to oil seal leakage.
(4) poor assembly environment: there is a high request of assembly environment for Cummins diesel engine, the Cummins diesel engine are usually assembled at overhauling area due ot limits of ground, poor assembly environment may cause oil leakage due to dust.
Recommendations for improvement of oil seal leakage of crankshaft
The following measures can be taken summing up according to leakage mechanism and process of medium and large overhaul.
(1) To strictly enforce the process and standardize the operation, and keep surface clean and dry.
(2) To adopt the special fine-grade sharpening stone before and after grinding crankshaft oil seal surface.
(3) To examine the temperature difference between shock-absorber and close parts of engine, if the temperature difference deviated the normal range, it showed that the anti-damping effect was not good. And should change shock-absorber according to real needs. Meanwhile observation and maintenance of shock-absorber should be strengthened during working. And make overall inspection for assembled gensets, and produced by experienced workers.
(4) repair process and layout of Cummins diesel engine. Wash exterior diesel thoroughly before dismantling of Cummins diesel engine and ensure the working condition in assembly area.

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