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C7 Cylinder 5 Knock & BlowBy, Need to Keep DRIVING

Created On Friday April 08, 2016 18:37 Diesel Talk
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I've got a bit of a situation with my '05 Freightliner Straight truck, with a C7 Engine in it. Took the unit to the freightliner dealer due to a heavy knock while driving, and a lot of blowby coming from the oil dip stick and breather. Basically been told by freightliner, engine is shot, burn the truck, get rid of it, or buy a whole new engine.. they wont look at it.. period.
So, what I got out of the ordeal from the mechanics is that cylinder #5 is the culprit, and its apparently not the injector, but the cylinder has been worn or ring failure causing the blowby and knock...
First off, has this happened to anyone else? A lot of what I've seen on the forums is that its usually and injector failure, either the injector leaking oil, or just steady open...
OR the HEUI pump... but the failure is only associated to cylinder #5... so cant it just be the injector and not the HEUI?

Now... the serious part of the question. If it is the cylinder and not the injector, what are the risks or just pulling the harness off of the injector on #5, and keep driving home (2000miles)? I'll be down a cylinder to only 5, lower power but no knock.. the truck would be empty so really no need for the power?

Let me know if I'm crazy and should ditch the truck and hitch hike home!!

C7 aint the way to go
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