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Cummins 4B Lucas Injection problem

Created On Sunday September 01, 2013 08:41 Diesel Talk
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I have a Cummins 4B on a Morbark wood chipper. LUCAS CAV injection. It is a resurrection of a dormant unit.
Engine and transmission fully overhauled with new clutch bearings, pistons and the works.
Engine sat dormant for a couple years. After cleaning all injection lines, bleeding pump air and priming injection pump, I wanted to blow some fuel out of the high pressure lines before I installed new Injectors. I can only get two thimbles of fuel to spit from one injector line. I have carefully cleaned the inlet fuel screen and checked priming piston and spring assembly. It was pretty clean. This injection pump has only 500 hours of time in service but it was born in 1989.
I am also not getting any fuel from the governor housing, Top bleed vent but plenty of fuel from the lower pump bleed. My uplift pump is good. I am only motoring the engine/pump with my starter (no injectors) and it is turning the engine pretty fast.
Any ideas, tricks or procedures are appreciated.
Is it possible to purge fuel out of the high pressure injector lines with them all wide open (no injectors installed)?
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