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DT466 swap into '90 Intern. 4600 with 7.3

Created On Sunday March 16, 2008 18:23 Diesel Talk
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I'm looking for any info about swapping a DT466 into International 4600. It currently has a 7.3, and is running fine for now, yet with 180k, I'm planning ahead, and would like to upgrade. Being most of the 4000 series Internationals come equipped with the DT466, I'm told this should be an easy install.

So most likely, I'll be in the market for a DT466, possibly with a different tranny as well. I don't know if the 5-speed manual I have right now will bolt up to a DT466... anyone know? Any info at all, even on a DT466, would be helpful. I'm told the pre-electronic 466's were great motors, and easy to modify and/or fix. I've seen DT466C's and E's, but I don't know what those letters in end indicate.

I'm also not opposed to swapping for a Cummins, but with the DT466 being the norm of the modern 4000 series, I figured this would be easier install, and easier to find parts, let alone finding someone with the experience.

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