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Created On Wednesday April 07, 2010 22:39 Diesel Talk
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Diesel Talk
I have a 98, 8100 with a dt 530, 300 hp, supposedly, anyhow, this thing will not run properly unless the MPS sensor is unplugged, we changed the MPS twice, tripple checked to maked sure it was the right sensor, changed the high pressure pump, changed the fuel pressure regulator, changed the boost sensor, etc etc. showing no codes, but soon as we plug the mps back in the truck is missing and farting, wont hardly make boost, etc. we tried hooking up an inline programmer, (TS Performance MP 8) but makes the problem worse. the fuel pressure is 60 psi at idle, 50 at full throttle,under load. Mass oil pressure shows desired and actual being around 560 when plugged in, 700 ish when unplugged,- at idle- will hit 2500- 3000 psi when pulling on the highway even though it's running like crap. any ideas? spend a ton of money on this engine, fixing a headgasket that really didin't need to be fixed, ( minor oil leak, just wet not dripping ) then ended up having to pull the head back off and having the injector cups changed, had the head tanked, magnafluxed, etc. engine has under 200 000 miles. nobody seems to know what's going on, tired of paying people to experiment.
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