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Deutz F4L912 Injection pump timing?

Created On Tuesday July 31, 2007 13:35 Diesel Talk
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I am in Iraq and I came across a generator with a Deutz F4L912 engine on it. At first the engine ran fine for about a week then it started sputtering and losing power. It would start up run good for about 30 seconds then go to a very low idle, and not regain power even when given more throttle. After checking the injectors, filters, and manual fuel pump I assumed it had something to do with the injector pump. i found another generator that had the same engine on it and took the injector pump off of it and put it on the engine i am trying to use. The engine will try to start and run very faint for a few seconds, then die. I do not know the firing order or timing proceedure for the injector pump. I just sorda winged it. I need the firing order and injector pump timing procedures to double check my work and see if my original problem is still there. And if anyone might have an answer to the original problem that would be great. If u might have any useful info you can also e-mail me at jlj21usmc@aol.com Thanks, Sgt Jackson, Joshua USMC
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