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Diesel Filter

Created On Thursday May 30, 2013 07:54 Diesel Talk
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Hi All

We changed the diesel filter of the Toyota Hilux 2.4 litre diesel 2003 model I drive.

The primer pump which pumps the diesel to the engine is on top of the diesel filter.
You don't have to open any bleed valve when you pump the primer pump. You just changed the diesel filter, pump the primer pump and start the car. So if the pump,pumps diesel into the fuel system once air has got into the fuel system, there must be a opening on the engine that the air gets pushed out to?

I thought diesel engines had bleed valves you opened before you pumped the primer pump and once the diesel flowed out of the bleed valve you knew air was out of the system and you closed the bleed valve and started the car?

I am trying to learn diesel engines but it is getting confusing.

Best regards Yanni
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