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Diesel generator fault analysis

Created On Monday April 25, 2011 01:49 Diesel Talk
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Diesel Talk
1. The world's first diesel engine was born in
The world's first diesel engine was born in 1893 in Germany. After the invention of the steam engine, Rudolf. Diesel (RUDOLF DIESEL) - the son of a German fur traders, Technical University of Munich school in the "steam" showed great interest in his 34 years old (1892) achieved and the air pressure into the container and coal until it is fully mixed compression ignition and mechanical devices that power the patent. No. 2, located in Fort Augustus, Germany MAN Company under the patent to create the world's first prototype diesel engine, and given the name 'Diesel (DIESEL)' engines. Like all new things, Diesel engine from birth to constantly improve the experience of a long process. Diesel, in his tragic death 55 years old, and have not been able to see his invention of the engine installed in the vehicle. After 10 years, MAN has finally Motor Show in Berlin to launch the first installed in the truck Diesel engine. Later, the Mercedes-Benz in Mannheim with a pre-manufactured out of the combustion chamber of the Diesel engine, and put it in his own truck. Until 1936, that is, 23 years after the death of Mr. Diesel, Mercedes Peters - Mercedes-Benz company only produced the first car equipped with a Diesel engine.
Even today, the English name of the diesel engine is still 'DIESEL ENGINE'-' Diesel engine.
2. The world's first turbine
In 1831 the British physicist and chemist Michael • Faraday (Michael Faraday 1791 ~ 1867) in the experiment found that when the magnet moves in the coil, the coil will produce electricity, which is known today, we all phenomena of electromagnetic induction. He also found that the role can be rotated by electromagnetic force, according to their research, Faraday trial out of the world's first generators for human use electricity to make a significant contribution. As the study of Faraday outstanding results in electricity, after his artificial mark, the capacity of the capacitor unit named "Farah", with the letter "F" that.
1866 German electrical scientist, industrialist Ernst Werner • Von • de • Siemens (Ernst Werner Von Siemens 1816 ~ 1892) Encouraging the development from a generator, Belgium 1870 Z • T • Cram (1826 ~ 1901) has developed the self-excitation type DC generator, after a continuous improvement, the motor technology has matured, the real utility generators in 1877 entered the commercial production stage.
3. Diesel generator principle
In short, the diesel engine-driven generator operation.
In the cylinder after the air filter clean air and filtered out of the high-pressure spray nozzle injection diesel mix, squeeze the piston upward, the volume is reduced, the temperature rapidly increased, reaching the ignition point of diesel. Diesel fuel is ignited, severe burning gas mixture, the rapid expansion of the volume, push the piston down, known as the 'do work'. Order of the cylinder for a certain power, the thrust acting on the piston rod into a drive through the power of the crankshaft, so as to drive the crankshaft rotation.
The brushless synchronous AC generator and diesel engine crankshaft coaxial installation, you can use the rotation of diesel engine driven generator rotor, the use of 'electromagnetic induction' principle, the generator will output induced voltage, the closed loop can generate a load current .
Describe here only the most basic principle of generating units. To be usable, stable power output, but also a series of engine and generator control, protection devices and circuits.
4. Diesel generator start / stop
First, the manual test machine
1, the generator manually start: an alert system to normal after the first test, open the control concerns in the manual (MAN) position, the generator can automatically start.
2, the generator stop: the control switch to stop (STOP) position or pressing the red emergency stop button to stop the generator running. Emergency situations can be directly pressed an emergency stop button can be forced to shut down. If pressed the red emergency stop button must be reset in situ, otherwise the generator will not start.

Second, the automatic switching control
1, concerns the control to automatically open (AUTO), and with the Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) in the automatic position control switch must be used when the electricity stops, A • T • S will start the generator control signal given system, the generator will automatically start.
2, when the control switch to stop the concern (STOP), or remain in the automatic, but electricity has been restored is sent when the ATS stop signal generator that will automatically stop. Note: The operation of the generator, due to failure (over-speed, high temperature, low oil pressure, etc.) Automatic shutdown occurs at troubleshooting reset button depressed after the failure shall be prepared to re-start.
5. Checked before operation
First, visual inspection:
Is detrimental to the engine outside, missing parts, screws are loose, the generator output line or whether the damage control lines loose.
Second, the fuel system:
1, the fuel quantity is adequate, wiring piping if there is no leakage or loose tube (s), excluding the fuel system of air.
2, the lubrication system: engine oil is enough? After reloading the new engine or overhaul the engine in the first 50 hours of operation and maintenance will need to implement the following:
A, the engine oil replacement.
B, engine oil filter replacement.
C, the engine diesel filter replacement.
D, gas door valve clearance check and adjust.
E, theengine checks the external screw.
Third, the cooling system: radiator cooling water is enough? Add rust inhibitor.
Fourth, the battery: battery electrolyte is in the normal liquid level? Voltage is correct? For loose joints?
V. charger is working?
Sixth, the exhaust system: whether the damaged muffler, exhaust pipe at installation is solid.
Seven, the unit can not be stored combustibles and debris around.
VIII, generator room of the ventilation is good.
Nine, loitering, etc. Do not enter the room at random.
6. Please note the following points in operation
1. AC ammeter: needle indicating whether the normal switching current switch, measuring the phase between the phase sequence current value, the difference between the phase sequence should not exceed 10%.
2. AC Voltage Meter: needle indicates the voltage is normal.
3. Oil pressure gauge indicates the oil pressure is within normal limits.
4. Charge Table: pointer is in the (+) direction.
5. Water temperature gauge indicates the water temperature in the normal range of 65 °C ~ 93 °C.
6. Tachometer: the engine rpm is appropriate. (60Hz to 1800 rpm)
7. Turbine engine whether abnormal sound or vibration.

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