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Exerting axial force on the crank shaft Hatz 1D41

Created On Monday May 30, 2011 08:19 Diesel Talk
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I have a little Hatz 1D41 (just under 9hp) that I'm converting to be an outboard motor. I'm contemplating connecting the rigid drive shaft with the prop on the far end directly to the crankshaft of the 1D41 without using an external thrust bearing which will place that thrust on the crankshaft. Driving forces will go prop->drive shaft->crankshaft->engine's thrust bearings or what ever will act as a thrust bearing->engine case->engine mount->etc finally reaching the boat.

I'd like to know people's opinions of subjecting the axial thrust to the engine's crank shaft. The engine is rated to withstand 1260 Newtons of axial force on the crank shaft which converts to 287.7 lbs. The nomenclature doesn't specify if the rating is momentary or continuous but it's given with many other ratings that are all continuous so I'm assuming it's continuous unless otherwise stated.

I believe I will be well under the engine's rating for axial loads on the crankshaft. I don't believe my little 8.8hp diesel turning a prop in the water is going to make any more than 287.7 lbs of thrust according to all information I could find online though I wasn't able to find something that really nailed down the exact amount of thrust I can expect. Something else I have going for me is I won't have the sudden neck snapping thrust when I start off like a land vehicle has when you let the clutch out from a stand still. The natural effect of slip will prevent that from happening. So I think I have a lot going for me here (I'll be within spec, no high transient thrusts) but I'd like to hear what the pros say.

Any comments would be appreciated.

You can see the motor at http://gregihnen.me/about-me/my-motor
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