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Full Power?

Created On Sunday December 15, 2002 03:46 Diesel Talk
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We have a Starfish 8m. semi displacement fishing boat, weight around 5 tons, powered by a Mermaid (Ford) 212hp, rated commercially to about 190. The boat is second hand but not more than 2 years old and the engine has 90 hours on the clock. The prop is 4 bladed 19x20. Here's the problem, we cannot pull more than 2100 revs and the boat will not lift, she just digs her tail in, we have since learned that the injection pump has been "played" with, and apparently she went much better but fearing warranty problems it was shut down again, the pump is a C.A.V. type in line, any body out there able to explain what we alter to possibly improve output. The boat is now out of warranty and is not being used commercially. We are trying a smaller prop in the near future and I will report on progress, but feel that the engine is not being allowed to get to Max. output.

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