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GM 6.2 for a Marine Application

Created On Friday July 16, 2010 17:59 Diesel Talk
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Hello, I have picked up a fairly new 6.2L Diesel engine out of a military Humvee, the truck had less than 7000 miles on it and was destroyed. The engine is in great shape and I have the cooling lines and the injector pump and the exhaust manifolds, most everything except the cosmetics. I have a 27 ft. bayliner cuddy cabin boat, my question is, what is the difference between the auto and marine diesel engine's? I know the difference between the gas engine's, I am a pretty good mechanic and have been working on engine's for about 30+ years, just not a diesel man. I don't run the boat hard, it has jet ski's mounted on the bow so if you want to play you shut the boat down and put the ski's in the water, mostly fresh water but I am not opposed to the gulf if they will get it all clean again. what rpm would the motor be safe running at and what would the limits be?

Noland J. Lachney Jr.
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