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Glow Plug Diagnostics

Created On Saturday April 04, 2009 17:41 Diesel Talk
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Hi. I'm new to the forum and relatively new to diesels...so looking for some expert technical assistance. I own a 98 XJ Jeep Cherokee with a factory 2.5 TD 4 Cyl VM motor, it's been hard to start and when it does it pumps out a lot of grey smoke also smokes a lot when the engine works hard (hard accelerating or going up hills). Changed the air filter & flushed the intercooler, but no real improvement, so got the glow plugs tested and all seems OK with the system, but they didn't remove them for a visual inspection. I removed them yesterday and all looks good, small build ups of soot but no distortion or breakage to the tips...except for the 2nd cylinder from the back - this ones tip was as the others but the shank (between thread & tip) has a white/grey/brown soft build up of gunge around it. I think I know what this is, but would like an expert opinion?confused

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