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Help, need advise!

Created On Friday September 10, 2010 12:34 Diesel Talk
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I have a dodge 100 truck with a perkins 6.3544 engine, it has stood for five years and not moived. Basically about 6 years ago I had worked on the vehicle-rebuilt alot of the cab, and fixed a leaking wheel cylinder. However some I put some bad deisel in to it and it ruined the injeector pump. Before I realised it was the pump that was ruined I had a mechanic come and take all the injectors out he cleaned them (not re conditioned), I knew it was the pump so I stopped him and got the pump reconditioned it was found to have been messed up by dodgey deisel and re-conditioned. However I couldn't get the engine to run again. I thought it was air in the system. With an army mechanic we went through the system and bled it got fuel without air up to pump, but kept getting air out of the return piupe, so we thought the pump must be messed up again, however I' m pretty sure I got it tested and it was fine! Could it be the injectors, and after 5 years of it not running is it worth trying the injectors or should I write it off. I put alot of work into it 6/7 years ago but then my Dad died so it got forgot about but I don't want to bin it! Thanks in advance
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