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ISUZU Diesel - Asia nightmare

Created On Friday March 09, 2007 22:30 Diesel Talk
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The vehicle is a Jeep CJ3, Viet Nam war veteran lady. The engine is an Isuzu KB 2400cc diesel. This engine is commercial, low tech, low quality. As an FYI, there have been more of these engines made than all US diesels combined. Half of Asia has rolled on the KB engine for about 35 years. Call them reliable if very primitive. The fuel injection pump is a Kiki. The engine is recently rebuilt. The fuel pump is recently rebuilt.

The problem. The engine always idles rough, smoothing out as RPMs increase. It was the same before the engine rebuild. Sometimes it runs smoother and has more power than other times. At very low RPM's it is gutless. Grandma could yard hay bales through thick mud better than this critter can take off up a hill. At higher RPM's it is a serious threat to the U-joints. I ended up having to change the old jeep driveshafts out and adapt heavier truck shafts in to keep the torque from ripping the u-joints to shreds.
Could someone give me a list, in order of probability, what to check and try fixing to get bottom power and smooth out the idle?

An oddity: This jeep was an Air Force munitions and equipment hauler with the lowest speed gearing a jeep can get. Top road speed is about 50 MPH with the valves almost floating. Thus I drive slow. I treat the engine like my old Cummins. Driving reasonably slow, in town I get around 12 to 15 miles per gallon. When I get out on the highway, keeping her at about 45 MPH, she gets close to 40 miles per gallon. Why the great difference in mileage? Is this to be expected from mini diesels? Is this a part of the problem?
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