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Lister Blackstone freedom questions

Created On Monday July 02, 2007 15:18 Diesel Talk
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I have recently become the latest of a long line of caretakers of a pair of Lister Blackstones freedom series marine diesels. These engines are around sixty years old and were reportedly rebuilt about 10 years ago, although the evidence would suggest that if they were rebuilt it was with scrounged or used parts, since everything else on this boat is made from parts that were either found or scrounged somewhere, which is some kind of testament to the old guy that had it because it actually looks pretty good, it's just that everything is worn out, every screw has been used before and doesn't match any other screw, etc.
The engines run well but there are a couple of funny things about them. First of all, the previous owner was running 10w aircraft oil in them, which I assumed he must have found a couple of cases of the stuff somewhere, but it seems a little light to me. I am inclined in run Delo 400 10-30w in them but......I dunno, maybe I should stick to what he had. And I wonder about running detergent oil or not, will they fall apart like that old '53 mercury did?
Another thing, he said he never ran the engines above 1100 RPM, but there are two tachs on each engine and they don't agree. One is wired to the helm and seems to be electronic, but what it hooks to is beyond me since there doesn't seem to anything electric on the engine except the starter but.....I haven't done a exhausting investigation yet. The other tach appears to be mechanical and is mounted on the side of the engine. It seems to function but registers much lower RPM's than the other and is not the one the old owner referred to when setting engine speed. Is there a way to tell which one is accurate? I have a fair amount of experience with Cummins and Detroit, and of course they were newer engines than these, but I always heard that diesels were suppossed to be run "flat-out". I must say I'm reluctant to do that with these.
Any comments from someone who knows what they're talking about would be welcome.frown
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I have a FRM4 Blackstone, marine engine and use a Penrite 30W mineral oil for lubrication, the engine maintains a good working oil pressure. I don't know about operatong revs at 1100rpm max, though my particular engine is regulary used at 1250 to 1300 revs and she performs just fine. The biggest problems here in Australia is obtaing parts, and every time i look at her I dread the day of an engine rebuil. Let me know what you think of the oil I'm using and what you are currently using (i noticed this thread is quite old).

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