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Lister TR2

Created On Tuesday August 09, 2005 19:36 Diesel Talk
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I just purchased a Lister TR2 Genset and got it home and set up with no load. When I first crank it, it smokes quite badly and runs really rough. After about 40 seconds to a minute it runs clean and smooth. I also noticed when I go to shut it off by the shut off valve it starts to smoke and if I release it back to the end of its spring I can see the shut off valve move further to the right to a kind of detent and it is smooth again. I am sure this is not common and I am looking for a solution to this minor problem. I am new to both diesel and Lister in particular. I would also like to find out what generator this has on it. The numbers have been painted over but I can make out 10 KW and 240 and a 2 and a 1800. Any ideas for a model number or pointers on how to maintain or service this unit would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Roger
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As for your painted over numbers, the 10kW is 10,000 Watts or 10 kilowatts, the 240 is probably 240 Volts , the 2 would probably be 2 phase or 120 x 2 being 240. The home wiring is usually 120 V on 1 phase with 2 phases you can add the voltage like for a electric clothes dryer which would be 220-240V. the 1800 is rpm, the engine produces the 10kW at 1800 rpm. According to the following weblink the engine can peak at 19kW at 2500 rpm. http://www.maesco.com/products/lp/lp_t/lp_t.html

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