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Loud injector

Created On Tuesday August 14, 2007 13:19 Diesel Talk
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I have a '99 SD with 175K miles. It has slowly developed an extra tapping noise, now very loud. Matches the frequency of an injector operating. The Ford dealer mechanics said they don't hear anything abnormal. They're nuts. I hear it at idle, on the freeway, accel, coast. It's on the right side, very loud with a stethescope on the exhaust manifold, towards the front. Their pyrometer showed the front cylinder running 10 degrees cooler than the rest. They said that injector might be going bad but leave it alone until it runs bad. Still runs fine. With the valve cover off I ran the engine and unplugged injectors one at a time. No change. The valves all seem to be working fine. Couldn't detect any weak lifter or broken valve spring. I replaced the #1 injector. The noise was less and softer, but still there. A few thousand miles later it's back as loud as ever. The tapered injector tip looked like it was beaten concave compared to the new one. Ok, finally my question, Does the tapered tip open and close against a seat like a valve? If I have a seat pounded out is there a fix short of replacing the head? Appreciate your thoughts.
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Personally I have never had or seen a 7.3 head off an engine. All the injectors I have seen and worked with have a tip like a sharpend pencil. There is a row of holes around the tip area for the spray of fuel into the cylinder. Next is a question that is unclear. If you have a valve that is not seating or is 'pounded' you are looking at the removal of the cylinder head and a rework of the head is necessary. If you think you have damage to that cylinder get it fixed soon. If you wait to long the damage could get worse and a new engine will be needed because of block damage.
Interesting enough One of my associates at work had a Mercedes engine in a road truck.[18 wheeleer]. It had a noise and no-one could find it. I had him remove all 6 rocker covers and watch the pushrods. All looked normal from the ground. I climbed up and gently felt the pushrod as they moved up and down. The intake pushrod on #5 was vibrating but you could not see it. He had to remove the engine and replace the camshaft and lifters.
Just because you do not see a problem does not make it disappear. Since you have already been in looking at things you now have the power to find the problem. Watch the oil spray from the injectors as they work. carefully watch the operation of the valves as they open and close. use a sttraight edge to measure valve stem heigth. Lay the straight edge [a hack saw blade works if it is new] along the adjoining valves for heigth comparison. Remember, you are the one lookig to find something wrong. Often the service guys are only interested in the fast quick repair and don't want to get involved in a lengthly job.
Hope this helps some

DDA tech for 30 years,all 2 cycle,series 60,50 mbe also.
1995 F250, 191k mi.
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