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N- 14 gremlins

Created On Wednesday August 04, 2010 20:42 Diesel Talk
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I have an N-14 celect 500 E and it recently started wavering between full power and something less as determined by the way it was pulling and the boost guage, at the same time, the jake started acting like it was on a delay timer, kicking in only after a few seconds in the idle position. It then quit working all together, and the engine was still wavering. The engine is not missing however. Today I decided I had had enough of this so I decided to pull all of the plugs out of the ecm and use some electrical contact cleaner on them. After doing this as soon as I started the truck the jake actuated even at idle and the even with the switch turned off. Very puzzling to say the least. The truck starting acting up after driving through a torrential downpour, which was what prompted me to check the powers and grounds at the ecm. I sure could use someones advice.
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