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Need model # for Ford Diesel

Created On Monday March 24, 2008 14:04 Diesel Talk
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I have an old Ford diesel 4 cyl. engine that is on a Magnaplus Synchronous AC Generator. 30 kw model # 361PSL1600 Serial # LM-317731-0498. The gen. set was on a houseboat and has a marine manifold on it. I would like to install a radiator & fan to use it as an emergency generator for my store but, I need to know the model # and a place to get parts. The engine block # is T2 703F6015 AAA. I can make out a few #'s on the old tag but not all of them. The first few #'s are 254DF, and the last few are -A SD-30F. I'm not sure if it is the serial or model #. The starter part # is 54244450MN. The air intake manifold part # is 703F-9425 AAA. On the exhaust manifold there is SOUDERTON PA OSCO 4DF 418. The part # for the piping connected to the water pump is 2700E-8281. Any help in identifying the model # greatly appreciated.


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