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New guy - help with questions

Created On Sunday October 18, 2009 22:21 Diesel Talk
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Ok, so I'm new to diesels and I am starting my research now cause I want to get out of my little S-10 and get a real truck next year. I am looking to buy a Chevy 2500 extended cab, manual transmission, 4 wheel drive, with either the 6 or 8 foot bed (I'm still undecided). I am going to use it to plow a few driveways, pull a small trailer here and there, haul bed fulls of wood every so often, maybe a little mudding here and there and also as my primary winter vehicle being that the only other thing i have is a 99 H-D Sportster.

My big concern is that I am a volunteer firefighter and live 1.5 miles from the hall and I live in the Buffalo, NY area. Now, please don't assume that I go balls to the wall to the hall because I don't, especially during the winter. So during the cold winters its not uncommon to get a call early in the morning and I was wondering:

1) How much it hurts the motor to be used after running for only a minute?
2) How much does having the truck plugged in help in a situation like this? (and yes, I will be plugging the truck in regardless ever night)
3) What exactly does plugging the truck in do?
4) Also, I wouldn't be able to plug the truck in during the cold months at work or while the truck sits at the hall during long calls. What do I do in situations like that?

There will be more questions but that is all I can think of right now. Thanks in advance to all those with helpful information.

New guy to diesel's looking for some help.
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When you plug in the truck you are just plugging in about a 400 watt block heater that is installed in one of the freeze plug holes. Yes, it helps start easier and doesn't
wear the engine nearly as much as a cold start. Running the engine for a minute and turning it off is not the best thing to do, but if it's preheated that will also help. Just
change the oil at 3 or 4 thousand miles. Hope you enjoy a diesel, I know I do.
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