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Overhaul manual (F4L912 & ...)

Created On Saturday August 23, 2008 19:59 Diesel Talk
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I have a copy of the WorkShop manual but I've seen adds for some other manuals for this engine as a chapter in the manual for equipment it was powering such as some Caterpillar excavators, tractors etc. These other engine-only manuals are in the 700 page regime. Would anyone who knows both types of manuals comment on the differences? I will need to overhaul mine but I've never yet seen the inside of a Deutz so any useful documentation is a prerequisite. Same for parts manuals, I bought a small one which has a lot missing in addition to having no reference at all for the numbered parts in the drawings, the sorryest excuse for a 'manual' I've ever come across(2971205 CF0150-99).

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hey, friend, I couldn't understand your problem clearly, Does your mean that you need the manual for Deutz F4L912 engine? I am working for a international trading company which is mainly focus on diesel engines. if you mean that you want the manual for Deutz F4L912 engine, Please feel free to send me mail to sunlordjacky@gmail.com. I will try my best to help you , my friend.

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