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Perkins 4.108 trouble restarting

Created On Wednesday April 22, 2009 20:16 Diesel Talk
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Perkins 4.108 in NH skid steer L555. One of the injector pipes from the pump to the injector was cracked. Replaced with a new one. No leaks. The problem is: after the engine runs, even for a short time, if you shut the engine off and then try to restart, it will only crank over and will not start. If you let it set for a couple of hours, then it will start fine. But then if you try to restart it, the same thing happens again. Skid steer started fine with no problems prior to this. Could this be caused by air in the fuel system? If so, what is the easiest way to purge the air out? Could the fuel filter be clogged?

Thanks a head of time for any help and suggestions.

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Don , I am just new in the forum and hope my suggestion is still timely.

4.108 Perkins should be fitted with a Lucas (now Delphi Diesel) rotary fuel injection pump. That problem is usually due to a worn pump head and rotor assy. if you let the equipment set until totally cold (no air purging) and you get an easy start afterwards, then most likely the pumps requires a head&rotor replacement. If so, take the pump to a decent fuel injection shop that carry Lucas/Delphi Diesel pump parts.

Should the start becomes easy after air purging , even with engine warm or hot then the problem could relate to clogged filters, clogged strainer mesh at the tank suction fuel
pipe (if fitted) , air intake from fuel piping fittings or fuel filter head seals or fittings. Also check for damages, cracks and distortion at the filter(s) assembly, filter head and base especially around where the filter element is held and its sealing areas.


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