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QSC 8.3 INDUSTRIAL Engines, Cam Failures,

Created On Sunday August 24, 2014 00:21 Diesel Talk
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We have three of these QSC 8.3 engines in our drilling rigs, when we first bought them they seemed to be great and powered on for the first 4000 hrs without to much of a problem, all servicing is done at 250 hr intervals and oil samples taken, anyway at the 5000 hr mark the engine failed, on inspection we found a valve had dropped and made a hell of a mess of one of the pistons, that was repaired using a cummins repair agency, the cam in this particular engine had huge wear marks on several of the lobes and we was asked if we had adjusted the valve clearances,we checked at first the 1000 hr then every 1500 hrs and adjusted as required . After this we decided to remove the sumps from the two remaining engines and check the lobes on the cams , they had 3200 hrs and 1500 hrs on them, both showed signs of wear on several of the lobes so we decided to change the cams , since then we have changed the cams every year since because they have shown sever wear, we checked the type of oil we use , recommended by cummins, we have checked the clearances religiously and still the wear was appearing, using all new parts ordered through cummins we was at a loss .After several discussions with a cummins rep the engines went back to cummins and pulled down, they found oversized followers in the engines which had been unbrelleraing the lobes from the oil feeding down the rods, anyway getting to the point , these engines were not modified in anyway when we bought these rigs brand new, I am wondering has anybody had similar problems with cams in the industrial QSC 8.3 Engine, if so please drop a line as I think everyone that has one of these engines should know of the problems that could arise and how to repair them before a major problem occurs, we have heard they did a recall in America but to date we havent heard of anyone that knows anything about it . Thanks for reading and I hope this gets to the right people before the same thing happens to them.
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