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Radiator Flush Question

Created On Friday February 03, 2012 10:50 Diesel Talk
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I have an 88 kW Perkins diesel engine which has a badly plugged radiator. The engine is in the Amazon jungle so taking the radiator to a shop to be cleaned is not an option. The radiator was plugged bad enough that the lower hose was getting sucked flat. I flushed the radiator twice using the radiator flush liquid and it was still badly plugged. Today I used a diesel powered utility water pump and rigged up hoses so that I could pump water through the radiator with a lot of force. That did clean the radiator out a noticeable amount and the machine is running much cooler with no problems with the hoses. But looking into the radiator through the cap I can still see a number of passageways that are plugged.

My question is what if anything can be done on the field to better clean the radiator? What would they do in a professional radiator cleaning shop? Do I need to get some kind of a long brush with the wire handle so I can reach into the top of the radiator and clean the tops of the passageways where I can see dirt plugging them? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Radiators are designed in such a way that dirt & dust can become stuck and takes a while to clean it all out. Fortunately, the process is simple & it does not require any special materials. With a little persistence, your radiators will be looking great and ready to provide heat all throughout winter season.

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