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Rough starting after rebuild

Created On Monday June 03, 2013 18:15 Diesel Talk
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I have a 2000 Hyundai Galloper Exceed II 2.5 TDI. I recently had the motor rebuilt (new rings, pistons etc) and upon receiving it back from the mechanic, it starts very rough with low RPMs first thing in the morning but smooth every start after that. I am in Costa Rica so a cold start is a relative thing. Generally the temp is around 25c when I start in the AM. If I pre-heat the glow plugs 3 times before starting the engine, she starts smooth and idles at about 950 rpm. If I preheat only once, the engine sputters to life at about 500 rpm then gradually runs up to 950 after about 10 seconds. I went back to the mechanic and had him check the electrical. He said he was getting 12.9 volts at the plugs. He checked the ground and it was good. The glow plugs, the GPCM and the alternator are all new . I have also noticed that the oil light stays on for about 5 seconds after starting for the first time in the AM when it never stayed on before the rebuild. I am at a loss. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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