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Created On Saturday March 10, 2007 04:19 Diesel Talk
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Diesel Talk Forum
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Diesel Talk
Can anyone please let me have the specifictaions for Deutz TBD 616 V 12 engine. If possible let me have a picture of the engine
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Diesel Talk Forum
Diesel Talk Forum

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Diesel Talk
TBD 616 V12
Number of cylinders 12
Bore/ Stroke 132/160
Displacement 26.28

Power ratings for marine propulsion units:

acc. to power category: Net brake fuel stop power for continuous operation unlimited in time, SCFN to ISO 3046/7.
Application: Workboats, running time: unlimited.
at 1500 min-1 kW (HP) 480 (653)
at 1800 min-1 kW (HP) 610 (830)
at 2100 min-1 kW (HP) 720 (970)

Specific fuel consumption: At rated power point. Refers to power category A, consumption-optimized version
to ISO 3046/1, without engine-driven coolant pumps.
at 1500 min-1 g/kWh (g/HPh) 190 (140)
at 1800 min-1 g/kWh (g/HPh) 192 (141)
at 2100 min-1 g/kWh (g/HPh) 202 (149)

Weight ton 2.45

Electronic and optional software-parameterizable engine monitoring.
High-pressure fuel injection.
Single cylinder heads with four-valve technology.
Turbocharging and charge air cooling.
Exhaust manifolds and turbochargers water-cooled.
Mechanical and electronic speed governing at option.
Versatile PTO possibilities.
Self-regulating single-circuit mixed cooling.

You can contact me at macmasterj@dacie.ca for pics, as they cannot be posted here, as far as I know.
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