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The common sense you must understand about Diesel generating sets

Created On Monday April 25, 2011 01:33 Diesel Talk
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Diesel Generator Set with power, also known as the main power or continuous power. In China, it is generally identified with the main use of diesel generator power, and is used in the international standby power, also known as the maximum power to identify diesel generator sets. There are many irresponsible manufacturers mix continuous power with maximum power to introduce and sell units, resulting in many users misunderstanding the two concepts.
Diesel generators in our country is that the main use of continuous power to the nominal power, the generator can be within 24 hours of continuous use maximum power we call continuous power, and in a period of time, the standard is every 12 within hours of 1 hour continuous power at 10% based on the overload, when the unit power is the greatest power we usually say that the standby power, that is, if you are buying a primary 400kw's unit, then you within 12 hours to 1 hour to run to 440kw, if you purchased the unit 400kw standby, if you do not overload usually are open in the 400kw, in fact, the unit has been opened in the overload state (because the Actual rated power unit only 360KW), this unit is very negative, will shorten the life of the unit and cause the failure rate increased.

Component of diesel generator sets

One common type of diesel generator set mainly by the diesel engine, generator and control system consists of three parts, diesel engines and generators, there are two connections, one for flexible connection, which uses two-part coupling the docking, two for the rigid connection , steel with high strength bolts connecting the generator and diesel engine flywheel plate connection piece made ??of diesel generators currently on the market comparison group using more rigid connections, diesel engines and generators connected in the public at the end after the installation of the shelf, and then coupled with the protective effect of various sensors, such as temperature sensors, these sensors directly to the engine operating status display to the operator, and with these sensors, you can set an upper limit, when reached or exceeded this limit when the control system will pre-alarm, this time if the operator does not take measures to control the system automatically stopped the unit, diesel generator set is to take effect this way, the role of self-protection.

A variety of sensors and feedback received from the role of information, a true indication of the data and implementation of protection is the diesel generator control system, control panel is usually installed on the generator, known as the backpack-style control panel, while some are independent of a screen placed In the operating room, called split control panel, control panel and generator through the cable and sensor connections are shown and the diesel engine operating parameters of electrical parameters

In these three parts inside the engine and generator are produced by professional manufacturers, manufacturers of diesel generator sets are really production control system, so the engine and generator manufacturers use the same model with the configuration, a unit to measure the performance of indicators can only see their quality control system and its use of quality components, and control system performance is often overlooked by the user place, so to remind everyone in this focus.

Purchase of the diesel generator to know you

1. Load analysis

Many factors affect the size of selected units. Which system the characteristics of electricity load is an important factor. User in the selection of a diesel generator must be carefully considered before the following:

a, is commonly used as a generator or standby generators.

b, consider the system to increase the electricity consumption in the future.

c, the system allows the voltage drop.

d, motor starting situation.

2. Unit power calibration

General supply to the users of diesel generator units as it can be used continuously for 12 hours at rated power to the load (of which 1 hour to 110% of rated power capacity.) Frequent power failures in the city and less time is not long when the power users can use the power calibration unit for the standby generator. It is not more than 200 hours per year to an average of 80% of the maximum power run, while the maximum power of 100% per year running time should not exceed 25 hours.

3. Three-phase motors and generators should pay attention to the problem of matching

The most widely used in Mechanical engineering is three-phase AC induction motor . Because of its startup characteristics, these motors are directly connected to the power system. It will produce up to 6 times the motor rated current inrush current if direct online startup. Soft-start device configuration, the starting current is very stable and will not affect the generator. When match capacity of generating units with the three-phase motor, it is recommended to consider the safety factor of 1.5 ,that is, 1.5 times’ electrical capacity (must be soft-start mode).

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Textet powr machinery Text

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