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The maintain of diesel engine

Created On Wednesday May 11, 2011 01:13 Diesel Talk
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The maintain of cooling system
To regularly check the cooling fan leaves; pull down the lead air damper, with high pressure air blowing the dust along the opposite direction, blowing steam can also be used. The dust of cylinder head, cylinder block, oil cooler must also be removed.
On the turbocharger, intercooler radiator also be scheduled to maintain. Toothed belt tensioning degree of ptosis 10 ~ 15mm. When adjusting the belt tightness, to release the generators. Do not install the belt poking with a screwdriver, so as not to damage rubber belt. If there is a belt injury to also replace the two (with two-section belt drive, avoid excessive force a skin mass, mainly in order to maintain the life of the belt.) If there are automatically broken fan belt warning alarm. Check the performance of automatic alarm, press the button, the engine should be able to automatic parking can be.

Cooling system maintenance points are:
(1) Carefully clean the surface of the dust cooling parts.
(2) Clean the oil radiator.
(3) Required to adjust the fan belt tension level.
(4) Check the fan work with the alarm device reliability.

The maintain of lubrication system

Should check the oil-foot class, to be shut down at least 1 minute before checking. Should scale oil dipstick cap, such as the need of additional oil or lower. Lubrication oil pump there are two, one pressure lubricated, one Jijian lubrication.
Oil change period mentioned above, is dependent on the oil quality, fuel quality and engine work using conditions.
Selection should consider the local temperature of the oil, locomotive work. Replacement of oil should be hot car, so the net flow of oil is easy. Machine filter should be changed regularly, oil filter installed on the ring when the oil should be applied by hand and then tighten the screw on the installation tool with a half turn. Work, can observe whether the drain signs. After the oil change to check the valve clearance (cold state), while replacement of the valve chamber pad.
Starting in winter requires a suitable viscosity oil, or oil load increased thinning. Winter, to use when starting preheater, hand-to-intake manifold should be thermal. If the glow plug is damaged, usually difficult to repair should be a new one. Before starting the winter heating oil pan, warm the oil, do not use open flame heated directly, so as not to scorch the oil deterioration.

Lubrication system maintenance points are:
(1) Note the oil temperature when using.
(2) Note the pressure of oil.
(3) No use of oil should be noted that the oil viscosity and quality.
(4) Regular replacement of filter (rotating cartridge filter).
(5) Regular oil changes.

The maintain of oil system
Fuel system should be guaranteed adequate supply of clean fuel.
Cleaning pump, when refitted to ensure the seal, do not install the wrong location of each part.
Precipitation Cup must be cleaned. Clean fuel filter sealing surface to keep clean, removable when you use special tools. Rotary filter press time. Replace diesel fuel filter to replace a new apron, apron can be painted with a little diesel has tightened diesel filter, and then tools to tighten the half circle.
When the fuel line had to hand pump air exhaust, to unscrew the release valve 2,3 circle. Diesel filter there is also Grade II. Found in the water in diesel filter, be promptly released, turn on the water may loosen the filter cover can be 1 to 2 laps. Filter should be changed regularly.
Fuel tank should be set on the dirt and water discharge switch for the timely release of diesel fuel in the dirt and water.
Fuel pump diaphragm pump is small; piston pump fuel pump large, it can be used in the "W"-type diesel engine.
Fuel pump and fuel injector life-expectancy of up to 6000 hours. Nozzle check once recommended 3000 hours. Check the nozzle of the instrument.

Two factors affect the life of the nozzle:
(1) dirty fuel, so fuel filters should be clean.
(2) the fuel should not have water, take some time fuel storage, settling to remove moisture. It is better not to clean the fuel injection head replacement, if necessary, replace the new.

Fuel system maintenance points are:
(1) Clean-up pump.
(2) The replacement of a new filter (Spin-type).
(3) hand pump line up oil pipeline in the oil-filled air.
(4) High-pressure tubing to drain the accumulated air.

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