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The number rules of CUMMINS diesel engines and its meaning

Created On Monday April 25, 2011 01:45 Diesel Talk
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CUMMINS diesel engine is produced by the America CUMMINS Engine Company. CUMMINS Engine Company, founded in 1919, is the world’s largest manufacturer of specializing the diesel engine. Till now, the main products manufactured by the CUMMINS have included A/B/C/L10/N/V/K series, and the A/B/C/L10/N series are the most promising series. Till now, the main products manufactured by the CUMMINS have included A, B, C, L10, N, V and K series, and the A/B/C/L10/N series are the most promising series.

One: Diesel series: The letters B/C/N/V/K are used to show the engine series. But the B/C series should add the number of cylinders, such as 4B, 6C.

Two: The method of aspiration: use letter: T- Turbocharged; TA- Turbocharged Aftercooled; TT-Turbocharger Turbocharger; TTA-Turbocharger Turbocharger Aftercooled. No letter means natural aspiration.

Three: The total displacement: the volume of diesel engine is presented by number, the unit is L.

Four: Application of symbol: The letters are to express the application of diesel engine. A-agriculture; B-bus; C-engineering; F-fire protection; G-generator set; G0-continuous generator set; GS- standby generator set; L-locomotive; N-ship; P-power station..

Five: Rated output is expressed by the number as follows

1) vehicle/bus/agriculture/engineering/power station can be expressed by horsepower, also can be left out.

2) For fire pump, generator, vehicle and marine engine, the rated output can be issued by horsepower, KW or number.

Six: Special symbol: the special character of car can be represented by letters.
for example: NTA-855-C360; N means the engine serial; T means the turbocharger: A is aftercooled: 855 is the total displacement of 855in3(14L): C means engineering application: 360 is the maximum rated output 360PS(269KW)

Dongdfeng Cummins, a joint venture by Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd(China) and Cummins Co., Ltd(USA), mainly produce the engine of 3.9 L. Its application is medium and heavy truck..

N: mean the engine serial number(Cummins also includes 4B, BC, 6L, M11, K19 and K38 series)

T: mean engine includes turbocharger( T means turbocharger, TT means double turbocharger)

A: mean the engine includes the aftercooled equipment, the air after turbocharging accesses the combustion after water cooled.

AA: the engine includes air-air cooled, the difference is that the air of turbocharger is connected with the water box which is the front edge of engine, intake with wind.

855: mean the displacement of engine. British unit, is the same with 14L,(K19 mean that the displacement is 19L).

G: mean the application of engine, G is generator set(C is industrial and construction equipment, M is marine application).

A/1A/2A/7: mean the maximum output (the previous method is G1/G2/G4),

GA: normal power 200kw

G1A: normal power 220kw

G2A: normal power 280kw

G7: normal power 300kw

EQ represents that the engine is produced by Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd, B represents Dongfeng Cummins B series engine, 125 represent the output (125 horsepower), 20 means that the engine’s exhaust gas meet the EURO 2 standard. Till now, Dongfeng Company has produced the engine of 4BT, 6BT, 6CT and 6105 series except 6VT series. The most widely used series include 4BT, 6BT and 6CT. The 4 and 6 represent the number of cylinders; B represents the b serial of Dongfeng Cummins engine, and its cylinder bore is 102 mm. C represents the c serial of Dongfeng Cummins engine, and its cylinder bore is 114 mm. T represents the engine with turbocharger.

Article from ET Power Machinery Co., Ltdet power machinery co., ltd

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