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Created On Monday January 17, 2005 20:32 Diesel Talk
Diesel Talk Forum

Diesel Talk Forum
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Diesel Talk
My heat was blowing hot then cold then hot then cold today .I have 217k and then it started smoking big time today for the first time..I parked it and i think its the head gasket .Its getting torn down soon and ill let you no what it was.Has this happened to any else out there and how much $ should i expect to pay? Or should i just buy a new motor complete? I dont mind paying as long as it was done right so that im not getting towed in every 2 weeks from here out.I havn't found a dealer or garage yet that can work on these things.Its a 98 1 ton savanna slt loaded and i hate to junk it. but Seeing that i have high miles and the original injecter pump .I havn't done the tranny or anything major yet.I should probly junk it b 4 it nickels and dimes me to death.
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