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Cummins isc 350 hp problems on a motor coach

Created On Tuesday November 27, 2007 21:38 Diesel Talk
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Hello, recently on a trip pulling a car trailer and just cresting a pass which i believe had nothing to do with my situation at about 60mph i expericenced my first what appears as a bucking motion with a blink of a Stop Engine and warning light on the dash of my motor coach as i got closer to home and by now only being able to go about 35mph with constant bucking and a mini light show going on on my dash(stop engine, warning) i barely limped into the driveway. Next morning i went and talked to the local Cummins rep his imediate reply was change the fuel filters especially the one on the left, so i changed both it has two, it started great i ran it for approx.1/2 hour took it on a 15 mile test drive with full throtle drove great and ran great (Great). Took it out this past week at approx. 280 to 300 miles into the trip out of the Blue from a stop sign at full throtle it bucked at about 35mph with lights again blinking once on the dash and i thought great i'am not going to make it home because i have another pass to go over but had no reacurrances of this situation until i hit flat ground approx. 15 miles from home it happened one more time and that was it. Long story short i will take it into the cummins rep possibly next week he will maybe find some codes but may not find the problem because it is not consistant, don't know but can anyone suggest anything to address this problem. This is a 2000 Cummins ISC 350 engine with 14,000 miles on it a Allison 3060 transmision with what i consider pro and preventive maintenience on it, now one thing this has all happened under the same tank full of diesel but its a 110 gallon tank and for the most part has ran very good for the last 325 miles except for the two occasions just mentioned. Any ideas
Thanks BEN
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Ben, We have just experianced the same problems as you discribe. We have a 2002 coach with a 350 HP ISC cummins. It has happened the last 2 times we have driven our couch. Everything runs fine the first 200 - 300 miles then it starts the bucking motion like its either starving for fuel or the engine stops momentarily.
I did have the low pressure fuel pump change (had a small fuel leak) and fuel filter about 2000 miles ago.

Were you able to resolve the problem you had. Can you share with me what you did, any help would be appreciated.

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